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I pride myself on my ability to be a catalyst, a person that provides support and pushes others to succeed.  A good personal trainer needs to be knowledgeable and have a passion for fitness and health. A GREAT personal trainer is one that delivers the results you want, empowers you to keep pushing yourself and provides you with support in and outside of the gym, 7 days week, 24 hours a day!  That personal trainer is me! You should never have to stop feeling good, stop loving your body or stop seeing results.

I provide my effective services in and around Melbourne, Australia. So if you are near by…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!


I am an extremely qualified (just check out my qualifications below!), skilled, and energetic, Physical Education instructor, speaking English, Urdu, and Arabic.  I have over 20 years experience in body fitness and water sport activities such as life saving, swimming, and hydrotherapy, with government organisations and self employment.

“It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.”
- Muhammed Ali

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2012 to Present


  • Genesis Instructor of the Year, 2014
  • Diploma Of Fitness, 2014
  • Specialised Trainer (Fitness Australia), 2014
  • Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Fitness For Kids Instructor Course, 2013
  • ZUU Cobra 1 Coach, 2013
  • Level 1 and 2 Advance Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Fitness Instructor Course, 2012


2005 to 2011


  • Member of Fitness Australia, 2011 to present.
  • Diploma of Project Management, Australia, 2011
  • Certificate 3 And 4 in fitness, Australia, 2011
  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of swimming and water safety, Australia, 2011
  • Pool life guard, Life Saving Victoria, Australia, 2011
  • Bronze License Swimming Coach (RCC), Swimming Victoria, Australia, 2011
  • Community Surf Lifesaving Certificate, conducted by Life Saving Victoria, Australia, 2011
  • Senior First Aid Course, conducted by Life Saving Victoria, Australia, 2011
  • First Aid and CPR trainer, Certified by American Medic First Aid, 2008
  • Authorized to certify the CPR & Medic First Aid certificates for trainers & students, 2008
  • Football (Soccer) training coach, Grade C & D, Certified by AFC, 2007
  • MMA boxing coach


1996 to 1999 (UAE & IRAN)


  • International Inland Open Water Lifeguard Certificates, Dubai, U.A.E., 1999
  • Professorship in Life Saving, Tehran, Iran, 1999
  • International Life Saving Coach, certified by ILS Federation, Dubai, U.A.E., 1999
  • Advanced swimming coach, Certified by International Olympic Committee, Juan Antony Samaranch, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., 1998
  • Water Polo coach, 3rd Grade, Tehran, Iran, 1996


Professional Development, Seminars & Courses


 2003 to 2011


  • The 12th world congress of Sport Psychology, (Marrakesh) Invited by Moroccan Association of Sport Psychology, 2009
  • Gym instructor course, 2007 Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Advanced level swimming coach, conducted by International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, American University, Dubai, U.A.E, 2005
  • International life saving course,  Conducted by American Company, Jeff Ellis, Dubai, U.A.E


1995 to 2002


  • Advanced swimming coach, conducted by International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Abu Dhabi,  U.A.E, 1998
  • Body fitness training course, accompanying the Real Madrid football team, Spain, 2000
  • Hydrotherapy course, conducted by International Life Saving (ILS), Tehran, Iran.


Championship Achievements


1995 to 1997


  • First rank in 100 M Free Style swimming, Fajr Decade Swimming Competition, Tehran, Iran
  • The best Life Saver And Sportsman of the year 1996, Tehran, Iran
  • Broke the national record in 50 M & 100 M Free Style swimming, Nationwide swimming club contest, Tehran, Iran
  • Broke the national record in 50 M & 100 M Fin Swimming, Nationwide swimming club contest, Tehran, Iran
  • First rank in 100 M Simple & Advanced Skin Diving Champion, Tehran, Iran


Professional Experience

Employed at Genisis Doncaster as Personal Trainer and Elite Athlete Trainer, Melbourne, Australia

Swimming Coach, TATE Swim&M1 club, Melbourne, Australia

2001 To Present

State swimmer, junior and senior coach (level 3, 2, 1).  Also designed all fitness and dry land programs for State Age/State P/Nat P

Key Achievement:

As coach of Tate swim &M1 club, there was a huge improvement in swimmers performances in a short time, in terms of improving their records and body fitness.


Swimming Coach, Dubai Municipality Club exclusive for VIP staff, Dubai, U.A.E

2001 to 2011

Conducted cutting-edge hydrotherapy programs, provided water fitness programs, water polo and swimming training courses in advanced and basic levels.

Organised watersports tournaments government departments and municipalities.

Worked as fitness coach of U.A.E National Karate team, and football referee for national team and Al Wasel Club team.

Key Achievement:

As a head swimming coach of the Dubai Municipality team obtained the first & second rank in U.A.E summer clubs competitions, 2008 & 2009.


General Manager, Sport Mansion Company, Dubai, U.A.E

2006  to 2010

Planned, organised, and managed the company departments with over 60 employees.

Planned the market & sales sectors in addition to life saving & training services.

Organised over 60 courses at the national & international levels.

Representative of two international agents in the U.A.E (ILS & American New Medic First Aid)

Cooperation with governments, clubs, education departments and professional sport men to educate and improve the awareness & health of the society.

Being the representative of Goal Company which has been certified by FIFA federation for transferring the football players & coaches all over the world.

Provided life saving services to more than 25 high level clients, including hotels, airlines companies, residential buildings, schools, etc.

Key Achievement:

Organised and took a lead of the Sport Mansion life guard team and succeeded to obtain the third rank in East Coast Competition.

Succeeded to grow and motivate over 60 employers within 4 years that leads to make over 50 contracts with 5 stars hotels as well as unique project such as Burj Khalifa – the world tallest tower– by providing life guard services and sport facilities management.

More than 200 applicants have been trained and qualified as life guard and swimming trainer.

Appreciated by Dubai governments and chairman of Sport Mansion Company as a successful manager and team leader.


Physical Trainer, Iranian ADAB School, Dubai, U.A.E

Iranian Academic year 2005 to 2007 and 2009 to 2010

Increased the awareness of the students about all types of sport fields and improved their skills.

Arranged football, swimming and chess teams

Organized several seminars for parents and students to help them become and keep healthy.

Key Achievement:

Succeeded in obtaining the first rank in football competitions between all schools in the U.A.E. More than 12 championships for school also achieved.


Life Guard & Swimming Coach, Dubai Municipality, Dubai, U.A.E

1998 to  2003

Provided swimming training courses – Mushrif Park. (more than1000 children )

Provided life saving & water polo training courses in summer .

Organized the water fitness program & hydrotherapy for special care needed people.

Key Achievement:

Receiving the several appreciation certificates as the hard worker employee and valued as “excellent” in five years by Dubai municipality.


1992 to 1998

Member of the life saving national team of Iran