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young man flexing muscles

Well, you really need to do cardio if you want to get rid of fat…But, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. By just pounding the pavement or treadmill, you will see that you will get little to no result.

As you may be sick of hearing from this website, performing weight-bearing, full-body exercises in high intensity interval and circuit training formats is the single most effective way to improve your power, lean muscle development, and fat-burning – getting you a hot athletic body. The right way to do cardio effectively is with short, high-intensity intervals.
Interval cardio triggers your anaerobic metabolism, which will skyrocket your heart rate and burn the fat — without eating away your muscle tone. You actually need to keep your lean muscle so you can keep burning more fat and calories. In fact, interval cardio is so effective that you will KEEP burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout is finished!
Why is this so??

Because an awesome workout program created by Kaywan is intensity dependent, not time dependent. It triggers a powerful effect known as “EPOC” (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).
EPOC is a scientific term used to measure your body’s rate of oxygen intake following a high-intensity activity. The higher the intensity of the activity, more oxygen and energy are needed to restore your body. So, your body keeps buring calories for up to 48 hours after the workout.

Here’s the facts:

  • Short, high-intensity interval training burns calories up to 48 hours after your workout. That’s right, even when you resting!
  • Lower-intensity aerobic (cardio) activities only burn calories while the activity is being performed
  • Anaerobic (strength-training) workouts increase EPOC much more than aerobic exercise does
  • Science has proven that you can get better results in less time. But not all strength and conditioning programs are created equal. The secret is doing the right combination of functional exercises at the right intensity.

When you train with workouts created by Kaywan, you get big results fast. When you get the EPOC effect happening in your body, the fat will just fall off your guts to reveal the six-pack abs!

Slaving away on the card machines, will actually make your body retain fat. What the! That’s right! Long, moderate, boring cardio causes you to retain more fat and eats away your muscles.
Muscle increases your metabolism – so why risk losing your body’s most own built in fat burner? Your muscles burn 3 times as many calories than fat. So the less muscle you have, the less calories you will burn, therefore retaining more fat.

Not only is long duration cardio an ineffective way to lose fat, but it can eventually lead to Repetitive Stress Injuries. When you repeat the same movements over and over for long periods of time, you put too much stress on certain areas of your body.