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If you want washboard abs, doing traditional ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups WILL NOT get you a six pack. In fact, no ab targeted exercises will! So don’t waste your time. They don’t make your abs get any more defined and they definitely don’t burn any fat.

The key to getting sculpted abs is to burn off that stubborn layer of belly fat that’s hiding them! Kaywan can show you how to burn away that fat covering while stimulating all all of your stomach muscles at the same time, so you can finally achieve that six pack of abs!

Exercising to remove belly fat is an obvious choice, considering that being always still is a major reason for belly fat to begin with. But, you cannot spot reduce the abdominal area, the only way to exercise the fat away is a special combination of aerobic and strength training, which Kaywan can teach you.

Aerobic training

  • 30 minutes to an hour each day of good cardio workout is sufficient. If you mix this exercise into your everyday life even better
  • Walking to and from work 20-30 minutes each way or cycling is an excellent way to get trim and healthy fast
  • Jogs are another great option and a good way to distress. Whatever you do, once you find the aerobic training you enjoy, you will never want to stop

Strength training

  • Increasing muscle will increase your metabolism and fat burning will be far more efficient
  • Remember, strength training for woman does not mean you will build muscle like a man. Woman are different and strength training is vital to strong bones and a shapely firm figure
  • Abdominal training will help tone and flatten the stomach, but is not visually effective until the visceral fat is reduced

Regardless of whether you have a larger or smaller frame, there is one stubborn area of the body that is a problem shared by most of us. Belly fat. This persistent accumulation of fat in our abdominal area. It’s looks bad on an otherwise lean body, and also it is dangerous to your health.

Dangers of belly fat (Visceral/Abdominal fat):
Belly fat, or visceral fat is a sign or a reminder that you may not be as healthy as you should be. Visceral fat is dangerous because it is this fat that is metabolized by the liver, turning it into cholesterol and circulating that through the blood. This results in a dangerous plaque build up and a consequently narrowing of the arteries. The more visceral/abdominal fat you have, the more likely you are to suffer heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.
What causes belly fat:

  • An un-active lifestyle will increase visceral fat
  • An unbalanced high calorie diet, particularly without exercise

Other factors responsible for an increase in visceral:

  • Stress hormones contribute to an increase
  • Genetics determine whether some people are more likely to develop visceral fat then others
  • Smoking creates the same hormones as stress

How to get rid of visceral/abdominal fat
No, all those ab targeting exercise machines you see on telemarketing ads will not really give you that six pack. This means, exercises targeting the belly area such as sit-ups will not decrease visceral fat. But hat they will do is firm and tone the muscles that won’t actually be visible until the visceral fat is reduced.
The real secret to weight loss is strength training. If you are doing the same exercise and weight every week you will most likely look the same next week and the week after. So we have to increase the size of your engine (muscles) and you will burn more fuel doing your day to day activities.
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