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“The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret.”

Sometimes we need help with exercise, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been at it for a long time.  Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they’ll get out of the experience or whether it’s worth the money. There are a number of reasons people work with personal trainers.  Some want a custom program so they can lose weight or get toned, while others need to be pushed during their workouts.   Wherever you are in your exercise journey, a personal trainer may be just what you need to achieve your goals.  Here are some common reasons for needing a personal trainer:

You are not achieving any results

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and getting no results, hiring a trainer like Kaywan may be a good choice.  Kaywan can look at your lifestyle and help you achieve your health and fitness goals. He can also help you determine if the goals you’ve set are realistic for you, hold you accountable for your workouts and help you stay motivated to exercise.

You don’t know what do

You may not have the time and knowledge to choose the right exercises, weights, sets, and reps.  Do you need to do more cardio or weight training? What foods should you be eating to achieve your desired results?  How can you get trustworthy information?

This is where a Kaywan can really help.  He can help you maximise your time while keeping you within your own limits so you don’t overdo your workouts, resulting in exhaustion, severe muscle and joint pain.  He can also help you set realistic goals and plan an individualised schedule so you know when, how and where you’ll fit in your workouts.

You are bored of the same old exercises

If you already exercise, maybe you haven’t considered the positives of having a personal trainer like Kaywan.  But, it is great choice if you need some variety in your workouts, but do not have much knowledge or experience. Kaywan can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge your mind and body. Even if you just do a few sessions or meet with Kaywan only occasionally, you’ll find it motivating and refreshing to have new ways to exercises, new knowledge, and new workout methods.

You need a challenge

You tend to take it easy on your workouts sometimes, especially when you find it tough or boring. Kaywan, with his energetic and positive personality, and excellent personal trainer skills, can motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own.  You’ll find it very hard to be lazy while Kaywan is motivating and encouraging you.  You may even find hidden strengths you never knew you had, which can motivate you even more.

You want to learn how to do it yourself

Even if your goal is to create your own programs and exercise by yourself, hiring Kaywan for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise.  This is especially true if you want to learn more about the muscles in your body, the exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises properly.  A few sessions will teach you a lot about your body, how it works and how to train it in the most effective way.

You need accountability and motivation

Kaywan is a great motivator, with qualifications and experience in sports psychology.  Not only are you investing money into your exercise program…you’re investing time as well.  With a reaccurring appointment so you have to go for a workout, Kaywan also provides some accountability so, even when you don’t have a session, you know he will be asking if you did your planned workouts and ate the right food.  Knowing this makes it harder to to be lazy with your exercise and diet.

You have an injury or condition

If you have any conditions like arthritis, heart disease, old injuries, etc., Kaywan can create a program to help heal injuries or improve the condition and avoid any further problems.  It’s also a great idea to work with Kaywan if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant and want a safe, effective workout to keep you healthy and fit.

Keep in mind that you want to find a trainer who has experience with your issues and make sure that trainer works closely with your doctor and/or physical therapist for the best experience.  Kaywan is that trainer!  <a href=”http::/”> Ask Kaywan now!</a>

You are training for a sport or special event

If you’re training for the next season of your sport, a marathon or some other type or event, an experienced trainer like Kaywan can help you figure out what you need to do to stay strong without taking away from your other training.  He can also help create a training program and map out a plan for the coming event. Kaywan is experienced in many sports and an experienced coach at an international level.  He offers sport-specific fitness training.

You want to be supervised during workouts

You know how to exercise and even know how to do the exercises correctly, but you may like having a trainer around for support and supervision. If you’re lifting very heavy weights or need someone to help with partner-type exercises, working with a Kaywan might be a good choice for you. He can spot you during workouts and help you come up with a good training plan for you to reach your goals.

You want to workout at home

If you want to exercise at home but you either don’t have much equipment or aren’t sure how to do exercises that don’t require equipment, in-home personal training is an good choice.  Kaywan can show you how to use your equipment to get the most effective workout or he can bring equipment with him to give you an even greater workout.  Kaywan can also recommend equipment that will help you reach your goals, and teach you exercises you can do using just household items.